Prophet TEMP


Create EROTIC, HEART and VOICE Magic. Learn tools to deliver your prophetic message through your body as a channel and release the "need to be right"



The role and function of the prophet is to trust in oneself and to speak the truth in love. The offering of such a message requires risk-taking. Facing the need "to be right" so you can be fully free is the work and play of the prophet.

This is the first and last major archetype in the Flesh & Spirit series which frames both the beginning and the end of the ecstatic path as an archetypal progression. The prophet is a messenger or herald who brings completion to the cycle. The Prophet/Prophetess is a messenger or herald to usher in the highest good.

The rabbinical meanings of the Hebrew word for prophet sounds very Queer. The word “nabi" means "to speak enthusiastically, to utter cries and to more or less make wild gestures" like the mantic pagans. In the Torah the word means "interpreter or mouthpiece" often describing the function of the word as "prophetic knowledge and vision."

One could entertain many spiritual or philosophical ideas about Queer identity and origins. I assert that being Queer is a gift and a sacred part of the whole. Biologist Thomas Huxley said, “No negative trait (one that does not reproduce) ever continues to appear in a given species millennia after millennia after millennia unless it in some way serves the survival of the species.”

prophet 1In line with that assertion, consider the possibility that our consciousness chose to come to the earth as Queer. No matter whether this is true or not, the very nature of the Queer person is prophetic.
In this workshop we will explore the EROTIC, HEART and VOICE magic of being a prophet. You will learn the Portal Ritual,using an ancient and revived alchemical ritual as a way to anchor the light, utter sound and create magic. (This work has been learned from Shankari the Alchemist).

KirkBellyBreathSecondly you will be guided through an erotic ritual individually designed by you. In ecstatic pleasure you will open to be a channel for a freedom message. This will be an experience of surrendering to Divine pleasure to be available for guidance,support and inspiration for yourself or others. Clear agreements will be individually made so the experience feels safe,sacred and expanding.

Using the body in ecstatic ways open the pathway for the words for the prophet to speak, we will mindfully and playfully try a variety of ecstatic techniques using our bodies as the instrument of sound/vibration to be practiced in this workshop.

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