Brother Nico

brother nico

Brother Nico, or Hermano Nico, a 44-year-old massage therapist and bodywork practitioner, was born in St. Anthony’s Hospital in Chicago in 1979.

After moving to Santiago, Chile at age 11, he adapted to the culture with the help of his aunt, a local healer who fostered a relaxed and body-accepting atmosphere.

After graduating from Cortiva - Chicago School of Massage Therapy at 30, he became the Chicago coordinator for the Body Electric School and expanded his modalities to include non-Western massage styles through workshops and trainings. 
 Currently, he is developing paid subscription content via Just For Fans, collaborating with Bruce Grether and Russell Wieland in providing Mindful Masturbation coaching and is co-facilitating groups in San Francisco while pursuing certification in Bondassage. 




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