Hospitality/Sanctuary -being prophetic

Flesh & Spirit Community Brothers & Friends,

Connections through the internet continue to amaze me. During the uprisings in Egypt I was able to hear from gay men going through the conflict. I have a friendship with a gay brother in Bagdad who wants to leave and tells me, "I fear I will be killed"- if people around him knew of his identity.
Bodies, sexuality,gender and expression of love often give the queer tribe an opportunity to be prophetic for those who feel oppressed. Whether,they may live in a MidWest town in the US or some challenged place in the world, it is the same desire "to be fully welcomed".
As Flesh & Spirit Community  grows and more men from the Bay Area, the United States and around the world are interested in the work of Flesh & Spirit Community and an ecstatic path I want to check in with you about hospitality.
1. I would love for us to CREATE A HOUSING/HOSPITALITY team. We have men now wanting to visit us from the South Bay of San Francisco to France. Those of you who live in San Francisco...are any of you interested in making your home available for visitors. Guidelines, agreements, etc all need to be talked about. I just want to know if there is interest?
2. A MUCH bigger long range question is about a prophetic call. I want to begin a conversation about becoming SANCTUARY to refugee brothers seeking temporary shelter. San Francisco opposed to Federal Law is a Sanctuary city right now.
A recent example is a man from Uganda who was beaten for openly speaking about being gay on Ugandan radio. The US embassy allowed him to come to sanctuary in San Francisco. He now attends MCC/SF.
These are juicy conversations that have to do with us being prophetic in a radically welcoming way.
PLEASE begin to share your thoughts on question 1. and 2.
Hugs & blessings,

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