Need a Need a Little Bit of Courage?

A man in our community just came out to his fundamentalist family, another brother quit his job, another is healing himself after cancer, another brother just finished a book and another just said yes to follow a Spiritual call. These are all acts of courage, big or small, that you decide to act on because you love yourself.


What are the places of courage you have yet to face?


At our next potluck we are sharing about “Loving and Hating Our Bodies.” Our relationship to our bodies calls for courage to love ourselves just as we are while bringing our best forward.


A brother who did our Peaceful Warrior years ago said, “What I learned about asking for help, saved my life.” After he had done the peaceful warrior workshop he used what he learned as he came close to death several times.


These are turbulent times in our world and being willing to face our fears at NEW levels is often being presented to us. When threatened, most folks retreat to old ways of getting through things. Many of which never really change the long rang outcomes.


If in San Francisco join us for peaceful warrior work Sept 24. Updating yourself for the challenges that appear is a loving act.


Those of you from around the world who are connected to our community, TELL US how we can hold your intentions in our energy/prayers. Courage happens when we look fear in the face and know WE ARE NOT ALONE.


We’d love to hold your name, your prayer/intention in loving energy as we do our work in Flesh & spirit Community.



Hugs & blessings,


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