Choosing A Massage Practitioner


donbox3Massage is an intimate process and who you choose may make all the difference in the experience you have.

How do you choose?

What are the important factors for you?

Price, location (setting) and availability are given external considerations, yet so much more goes into having the experience of care that supports you. What do you look for?

Skill set and styles are clear differentiators

What do you ask for?

Do you like deeper work like many forms of deep tissue, Amma, acupressure, Tai style massage?

Do you like softer sweeping strokes like Swedish and more sensual forms?

Do you want to have your whole body including genitals touched in the massage?

Do you want to be naked, drapped, partially clothed? And how do you want your practitioner to be with you?

Having been a massage practitioner since 1994 I know the many ways my clients have both directly and indirectly shared their needs. When you seek a massage therapist the more clear you are about what you desire the more likely you are to find the person who supports your needs. Clarity will help you to discern who is comfortable to offer whatever service you ask of them.

As a consumer I have learned to “tune in” to what I do and do not want from a massage according to  what’s going on with me at that time.

What do you want?

Results. . What do you want the outcomes to be. How do you want to feel during and after the massage? If you come with mixed agendas then you will more likely have a mixed experience with yourself after the massage.

Demographics. As queer men this one often rises to the top of the list of criteria and yet as we all know presence, skill. and Intention aren’t automatically translated from your attraction into an experience of care. Just be honest with yourself and honor yourself so you feel mindfull in your connection with your massage therapist

Boundaries: Feeling safe with your practitioner allows healing, magic, support and deep relaxation to happen.
We'd love to hear from you on how you choose a massage practitioner.

Hugs & Blessings, Kirk

If you are in the San Francisco area the themes in this question are embedded in our upcoming Lover (about intimacy) Workshop, Massage Basics Class and our Potluck heart circle where you can meet Bay Area massage practitioners .

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