What is Energy Medicine? How might Energywork change your life?

Energywork (or commonly called Energy Medicine) is intimate, subtle, healing, transformative and renewing

Last month our community had a juicy, lively and informative conversation about choosing a massage practitioner as queer men. This month the conversation is choosing an energyworker that supports your needs as a whole queer man.

This may sound rather "California" and a bit unclear,which is the perfect place to start. So,just what is an energyworker? What is Energy Medicine and what kind of energy medicine practitioner might get me the kind of results I want? are questions worth investigating. Although energywork is most thought of terms of healing the body, the reality is energywork can help anyone shift into new levels of health,well-being and purpose.

GlowyManSorting through all the names and modalities of Energy Medicine use as practitioners or energyworkers can be confusing as well. Practitioners of certain type of massage and body manipulation,reflexology, Body Story Experts, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, chiropractics, acupuncture, shamanic practices, Breema, Rosen, Rolfing, neuro-muscular therapy, exercise physiology, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, midwifing the dying, prauna practices, NLP and the list goes on and on.
Energywork (or commonly called Energy Medicine) is intimate, subtle, healing, transformative and renewing. It may involve engaging the mind, thought, emotional release, imagery, movement, breathwork, sound, ritual, prayer/meditation, erotic energetic work,ceremony and touch (both with physical or non physical contact). Each modality comes with it's own philosophy, yet all of them somehow draw on ancient wisdom that is being revived in our contemporary times.

Although often subtle the results or impact of energywork can be "miraculous"
In Flesh & Spirit we use many or all of the modalities throughout our ongoing community building. If you live in the Bay Area join us for our Potluck "Meet the Energyworkers" and learn about queer brothers who do Energy Medicine in their therapeutic practice.

Choosing a style of energywork that supports your goals can often be a guessing game. Come meet energyworkers who come from many different backgrounds and use different approaches to support your goals. One brother said, "These Potlucks are great fellowship with brothers and I learn really interesting things each time I come."

Some energy workers already attending are
- Nick Venegoni MA, Hypnotherapy & Energy Medicine
- Drake Bear, Shamanic Energy Medicine
- Dr. Samuel Zoranovich DC, Chiropractor/Spiritual Embodiment Role Model
- Donny Lobree & Dr. Kirk Prine, Body Story Experts and Traditional Reiki Masters

If you don't live in SF we are happy to send some energy to you by speaking your name at our Winter Solstice Ritual. If you wish your name to be spoken please send us an email and that form of energetic link will be offered to you.
May the energy you need be yours beloved brothers.
Hugs & blessings,

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