Reframing and Reclaiming: How are you already a conscious queer activist?

The energy of the activist is passionate about a cause, a purpose, an injustice/wound that needs a new approach.

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Reframing and Reclaiming: How Are You Already A Conscious Activist?
The word Activism is loaded with meanings that may inspire some of you and frighten others. Take a moment to say to yourself. "I am an activist" and notice what you feel in your body. Did you expand, contract or even resist?
Our community is built on the backs of those who have been activists. Bayard Rustin who taught much of Ghandi wisdom of non-violence to Martin Luther King Jr has inspired many in the ways of justice for all. Don Clark who was challenging issues of sexual orientation before the Stonewall Riots even took place. Of courseHarry Hay pioneered ideas about gay liberation that still weave into the discourse of who we are as queer people. So, there have always been GBT men who have put their bodies, their witness and theirs lives out front on behalf of justice, freedom, peace, AIDS awareness, equality and a better world for all. We want to celebrate our queer activists and play with how each of us is already an activist at our potluck June 16th 5-8 in SF, if you are in the Bay Area.
Whether you have ever marched in the streets or spoken out in some public demonstration for freedom. justice and equality, you have by virtue of being a GBT man been an activist. Your very presence in the world challenges "All and None/Black and White" thinking. If you have a public profile anywhere that says interested in men or GBT you have added to the activism of our pioneers.

The energy of the activist is passionate about a cause, a purpose, an injustice/wound that needs a new approach.

meetQueerActivistsIn our Sacred Touch Ritual prior to the potluck we will explore guided touch exercises to connect us to our bodies,pleasure,heart,community and ultimately to the heart of the activist. The core of activism has the same energy of longing that awakens with safe & sacred touch. That place of hunger that is a mix of wound and love is what the mystics understood. To put their bodies on the line for love was a radical act of activism. May be we as queer men know something about showing up that is needed in our lives and world. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences around being an activist,especially as a queer man. How do you already see yourself as an activist?

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