What has made you a Survivor & Thriver?

What has made you a Survivor & Thriver?

Here's the general video setting the stage for our theme for August about "How Are You A Survivor & Thriver".

IMG 1421Since I started this conversation with you all about Surviving & Thriving I've reviewed many ways in which I have been a survivor and thriver. Humorously I always say I survived the MidWest, of course I survived sexual abuse, I survived a house burning down and the lost 300 people I know to die. These I talk about often and how they have been transformed into gifts. Recently however, I've been moved to create a series of videos that pertain to Surviving & Thriving Religious Abuse. This is complex material. My hope is to bring a more embodied conversation about this important topic from my experience as a queer man. No matter what path you embrace (or no path) we as queer folks have felt/heard/experienced generalized religious abuse in our world.
Here are more intimate parts of my story unfolding with concepts to help unravel this often reactive topic.

I would love your feedback as I chose to bring different perspectives.

If you are is SF join us as we share stories at our August 18th Potluck about all the ways we have been Survivors & Thrivers. http://www.fleshandspirit.org/potluck.html
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