Art Heals: What is the art in your body waiting to be expressed.

What is the art in your body waiting to be expressed.

IMG 1692The latin word for educate "educari" means to draw out.
Art is in our very bodies. Our passions, desires, stories are waiting to be expressed through some form of art unique to each of us.
In the ancient Nag Hammadi text called The Gospel of Thomas, the writer says,
If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.

The science of people Surviving and Thriving indicates those who express their feelings and move through them tend to live longer and better in their bodies.

Art has always been a way of expression. From ancient cave dwellers drawing on their walls messages through images to inform about hunting and seasons to multi medium technologies today that bring expression to virtual life.
Art has also often shaped the public discourse of what is considered "sacred" through interpreted images that the artist portrays as the truth. Consider the images of Mary Magdalene as the seductive prostitute, yet there is no evidence she was ever a prostitute.The imagery of art tells stories, feelings and information that may inspire or control a person or a people.

A profound expression of community healing was demonstrated in the art of the AIDS memorial quilt that covered the Capital's lawn in Washington DC. Each panel was a deeply personal story of love and collectively al the panels sewn together were a statement of political confrontation. This was an expression of grief, anger and healing for the world to take note of. Yet I'm aware some media stations did not cover that historic event. Art is powerful and thus some wish to squelch it.
Queer folk have often been artists expressing themselves through their bodies using many mediums to bring foth that expression.
The picture in this article is of an altar created by Jack Morris for MCC/SF.It was a message of solidarity for the Russian women of the Pussy Riot Band that recently were sentenced to two year in jail. Jacks uses plants and natural objects to create imagery that invite you into an experience. It is an "educari", it's draws out from you a response.
Art comes from our bodies. In eastern traditions it is said our creative and erotic energy flow from a chakra (energy center over our genitals) that evokes our passion. Beauty, pleasure, healing,experience and expression are he essence of art. The creative energy needs to be expressed just as The Gospel of Thomas says, it will save you or destroy you.
In these times when Art is being taken out of schools, sexual and reproductive rights of women are being legislated away and equality for all is ever being challenged, ART and artists may be part of the solution. What is the art in your body needing to expressed to heal you and make a difference in the world?

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