History and Philosophy


Since Flesh & Spirit's inception in Cincinnati Ohio in 1992, it has developed into a Bay Area community supporting queer men on a path of liberation. Healing,integrating and celebrating queer men's bodies and the erotic as sacred has been a reclaiming principle in Flesh & Spirit Community. 

The basic philosophy of Flesh & Spirit Community is a weave of loving ideas, concepts and practices from many traditions such as, Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism, African & Native American spiritualities, Christianity, Wicca, Judaism, Sufism, Feminist theory, congruence theory, liberation theology, healing/recovery models, behavioral medicine, energy medicine and body oriented therapies.

A predominant theme of Flesh & Spirit Community is that of being "survivors and thrivers" through our queer male bodies. There are six archetypal images that seem to embody the essence of these notions of thriving used in Flesh & Spirit work: The Peaceful Warrior, The Lover, The Sacred Prostitute, The Elder, The Mystic and The Prophet.

The themes from these archetypes, although not unique to queer men seem especially applicable to queer men on an ecstatic/erotic spiritual path. This ecstatic path is like a road map to success and activating one's purpose as both individuals and as tribes. This philosophy has also been adopted in the work of The Missing Thread Mystery School which open to is inclusive of all genders and orientations. Bringing wisdom from the queer tribe to entrepreneurs,healers and change agents has been a powerful affirmation of the ecstatic path's applicable to all.

Philosophy developed by Dr. Kirk Prine, Body Story Life Coach






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