4 DAY Body Story™ Experience Training POSTPONED

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This will be a 4 day workshop, Dates TBA


Registration fee covers all four days.

All four days are from 10am-5pm


We'll focus on personalized rituals to guide you into your next step of healing, freedom, and sense of purpose. This powerful training is for both your own personal transformation and to give you the foundational tools / methodology of becoming a Body Story Life Coach™.


If you are already a healer or wish to begin a healing career this training may be what you've been looking for.


We will be posting a video series teaching you about Body Story Work.


Dr. Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree would love to offer you a free consulation to see it this program is a fit for you. 


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Join a cohort of 2 men who are already in training as Body Story Life Coaches along with Dr. Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree. 



Here's Mary Jane's experience…
maryjaneSeven years ago I was gifted with a debilitating illness that I now claim healing from. Yes , you read that right, the illness was a Gift that has since brought success, healing and spiritual awakening into my life. My spiritual life path as a Body Story Teller and Reiki Master began when I lost my dental management career and my life as I once knew it to a severe form of Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue. I went from being the energizer bunny to becoming a broken spirit in a very damaged body. In time I was led to two healers in San Francisco, Dr. Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree, of "The Missing Thread " who created the Body Story Experience.

My healing journey began there with these two incredible men as they guided and freed me from embedded , replaying stories of deep wounds that included sexual abuse from a neighbor as a child.

When I returned home from San Francisco , my family didn't recognize me. No more dark circles under my eyes, my face glowing and I had increased energy. I continued working with Donny and Kirk by phone and in person ,releasing one painful story after another as my my health kept improving with increased energy and vigor.

Eventually I recognized my Life Purpose calling and I flew back out to San Francisco several more times to complete training as a Certified Body Story Expert and to become a Reiki Master / Teacher. Through Kirk and Donny and their Body Story Experience, a profound spiritual awakening occurred to wake up my soul. This resulted in deep healing to my mind, body and spirit.

Today I have a flourishing holistic healing practice in Ohio called Soul Care Experience where I offer both Body Story Telling and Reiki. Spirit has blessed my healing work to expand it to also being a psychic medium and intuitive.

I was led to a beautiful small cottage in the rural farmlands of Ohio to open my practice, located on an exquisite ravine with large open windows that open up to 4 acres of woodland with a bubbling creek you can hear up into the cottage. It's called The Healing Cottage because of the intense spiritual healing energy I and my clients continuously experience there.

Today I seldom have flare ups of the Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue. When I do, I go within to see what personal story I may have to bring up and free myself from. Sometimes I can do it alone with Spirit, sometimes I need the help of Kirk and Donny. But once the story is freed I am renewed and healed with higher levels of spiritual awareness and awakening.

This much I know. Life crisis and transitions are hard and painful, but often bring the biggest blessings. We just have to cry for a while to cleanse the soul. Grieve openly and honestly to allow the broken heart to heal. Then, when it's time, you surrender yourself to Spirit and begin The Healing Journey to freeing yourself of your deep, embedded body stories of pain.

When I did this, healers and guidance were sent to me that renewed my soul, showed me my Life Purpose, and brought healing love, joy , health , success and peace to my life. A debilitating illness became a Gift to healing my heart and awakening my soul. I had a choice to become the illness or to heal and learn from it. You now know my choice , I accepted The Gift and my life is blessed and healed daily because of it.


Facilitated by Kirk Prine & Donny Lobree, Body Story Life Coaches

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