Queer men on an ecstatic path of transformation

Flesh and Spirit Community

Queer men on an ecstatic path of transformation...
Liberating ourselves to be more whole and thus in greater service to the world.


Developing Ecstatic Community is our theme for 2023

Exploring how ecstatic community fits with your personal growth path as a queer survivor and thriver.

"Surviving and thriving" was the inception phrase of beginning our Flesh and Spirit Community. We remember the ancient wisdom that our bodies are sacred and our erotic and spiritual energy is one in the same. Our ecstatic events are supporting you to survive and thrive in these times and bring our shared wisdom to the world.

Whether it is our massage events/trainings, Tarot class, Body Story Work, Reiki/Energy Medicine Queer Tribe Conversations, or our six ecstatic callings of Peaceful Warrior, Lover, Sacred Prostitute, Elder, Mystic and Prophet our events are designed to invite you to come home to your body, awaken and remember who you are.

Join us in:

        • Touching Skin
        • Opening Hearts and
        • Raising Spirits

Flesh & Spirit: 2023: Developing Ecstatic Community

Conversations with the Queer Tribe
Powerful Conversations with Queer Visionaries

Queer Fires for Peace


We Are...

an intentional community of queer men who bring enlightenment, love, liberation, healing, knowledge, power, and wholeness around issues of queer men's identity, spirituality, and sexuality.

The founding Queer men's community of Flesh & Spirit is based in San Francisco California. In addition, an independent Women's Flesh & Spirit Community has begun in San Francisco. Each community is committed to changing queer lives by "touching skin, opening hearts and raising spirit."

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