Build your business as a healer with these three certifications from Flesh & Spirit Community and The Missing Thread Mystery School.

reiksceneBy taking this Reiki Level I and Body Story™ Work class, you have begun the Roadmap to these three possible certifications.

  1. Reiki Level I, II, III IV (Teaching Reiki Master)
  2. Energy Medicine Practitioner
  3. Body Story Expert ™


Requirements for Body Story Expert™ / Life Coach

  • 4  Energy Medicine Tracks.  Each track is one day long and is taken over a period of a year or more
  • Peaceful Warrior Experience: a 2 day workshop
  • Body Story Experience:  a 3 day workshop
  • Specialized Workshop*: One day (6 hours) elective . Total: 6 hours


peacefulwarrior3images*Some of the Possible Workshop Electives:


  • Yoga and Body Stories
  • Lover Archetype
  • Sacred Prostitute Archetype
  • Elder Archetype
  • Mystic Archetype
  • womanchakrasProphet Prophetess Archetype
  • Body Stories and Sexual Trauma/Trauma
  • Body Stories and Shamanism
  • Midwifing the Dying
  • Body Stories and Group Work
  • Tarot and Body Stories
  • Body Stories™ and Sound Healing
  • Body Stories™ and Breathwork
  • Body Stories™ Life Coach Business Training



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