with Isa Magdalena. Be better friends with your own body and sexuality.
For gender queer, or trans, or a queer women
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isaIsa Magdalena began her erotic-mystical pioneering journey in the mid ‘80’s in Amsterdam, as a massage therapist and Sufi student, then moved to the US in ’92. She connected to the Body Electric School and started teaching the women’s program in ’93. Her journey in this path continues in ever changing and evolving ways as a teacher and coach for individuals and couples, groups and professionals, as well as in her private life.

She is the author of Libido, Where Sex, Science and Spirit Meet and a Certified Sexological Body Worker.
Her twin-sites are www.xtasia.info and www.libidomedicine.org.
LibidoMedicine®, as developed, taught and written about by Isa, is a universal formula of understanding and using our life force. It allows us to integrate lust, love, prayer, power, sensuality and creativity. Libido guides us, in bed and out-of-bed. Libido is Medicine.
Sex and Spirit

Welcome to Your Sexual Truth!
Dare to Say It, Be It, Love It!

Are you gender queer, or trans, or a queer woman who would like to be better friends with your own body and sexuality?
This Sex and Spirit workshop is embracing more of the gender galaxy!
What difference would it make in your life if

  • you fully accepted and celebrated your unique body?
  • you honored your erotic desires and expressions?
  • your body and spirit felt more connected?

This unique workshop, hosted by the Flesh and Spirit women’s community, offers a place where you can expand your experience of sex and spirit, as it lives in your own body, in an environment that is safe, sacred and playful.

During this workshop, we will talk and touch, breathe and move, listen, feel and meditate. We invite you to experience:

  • Being friends with your own erotic body
  • Connecting deeply with Self
  • Connecting deeply with Spirit
  • Knowing more of what you like and how to ask for it
  • Discovering when your body says “yes”, when it says “no” or “maybe”
  • Expanding your language of touch

Touch will be an important vehicle for our learning. And each person will determine their own pace. There will be an invitation to be undressed at times: the choice is always yours.

Cost is $249 per person. If you are a gender queer or trans person who feels drawn to this opportunity, but cost holds you back, please call or write to tell us about your interest. Two partial scholarships are available. There are also discounts for early registration or registering in pairs, (though partners definitely not required!)
To discuss, ask questions, or to register, contact Barbara Buckley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 415-601-4732.


What others say about Isa and her workshops:

I became a fan of Isa’s simple, clear, and profoundly human approach to sexuality. Her writing is juicy, vivid, and full of wisdom. She combines philosophy, insight, and physical exercises with evocative language in a way that is unique. But what distinguishes her book from all other Tantra and chakra books is her way of weaving human relationships, desires, and sexual varieties and energies into a direct experience of Libido—the life force—itself. There is truly something for everyone here.
Dr. Amy Marsh (sexologist/columnist. Carnalnation.com) Writing about Isa’s book Libido, Where Sex, Science and Spirit Meet

What most impressed and affected me about the workshop was the emphasis on how to BE (in relation to our bodies and feelings, and to those of another person when giving erotic touch) rather than just on what to DO (techniques). It was the attunement to, and honoring of, physical and emotional realities at each moment that taught me the most important lessons. -B.R.

The weekend far exceeded my expectations. Flesh and Spirit created a ritual space in which deep exploration was fostered. Isa Magdalena is a gifted facilitator, who skillfully tailored her workshop to those present. It is difficult to describe the lasting impact that the workshop has had on my healing. - M.J.

Isa has been instrumental in helping me overlay my old erroneous sexual beliefs about myself with beliefs that are closer to reality. -S.O.

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