Fabulous new workshop being offered by Dossie Easton November 2 and 3, 2013

Are you curious about the ecstatic possibilities of Tantra and other energy-focused sexual paths? Or perhaps you are a seasoned traveler on the roads of sexual and personal exploration. At Radical Ecstasy, you may spend an entire weekend exploring Tantric ecstasies fired up with BDSM practice, including sensory deprivation, sensation play, and power exchange. Expect ecstatic breathwork, erotic roleplay, shamanic journeying, and much more.

All exercises are designed to be entered at whatever level is comfortable for each participant. This workshop will not include genital touch. There will be an optional play party on Saturday night where you can further explore your new accomplishments from the days instruction.

This workshop is open to those who identify as women or whose gender self-identification is other than male, including trans; genderqueer; gender fluid, etc.

DATE: November 2 and 3, 2013
TIME: Saturday: 9 AM- 6 PM
Sunday: 9 AM- 6 PM
Saturday evening: optional play party
San Francisco
Details will be sent after registration
COST: $325, payment plan available.
Early bird: $250 if paid in full by October 15.

Please email Barbara or Jess to make arrangements for payment (check or paypal). Or if you have questions, email and Jess or Barbara will get back to you.

DOSSIE talks about the Radical Ecstacy Workshop:

"I have always understood sexual energy and spiritual energy to be the same experience, opening incredible journeys into love, connection and spiritual awakening. My background includes studying Kundalini yoga since about 1963. In my Radical Ecstasy workshops, I teach ecstatic breath work; visualization; raising Kundalini; and open-heartedness. I incorporate sensation play and power exchange as vehicles on which we can travel to expanded states of consciousness. I design my workshops to be accessible for all levels of experience or desire, which means that each participant is encouraged to discover exactly how far they want to go with each exercise, how close they want to get with any particular individual, when they want to go solo and when they want to melt together in a partnered journey. Together we create a safe and sacred environment in which each participant can know for sure that their needs and limits are honored and respected, which in my experience is the safe foundation we all need to open up our hearts and our consciousness to divine connection. In the past, my workshops have been enthusiastically enjoyed by kinksters who want to explore the spiritual dimension in their BDSM lifestyle, and by spiritual practitioners interested in expanding their practice to include BDSM."

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