The New Peaceful Warrior

Saturday Sep. 24th, 2011: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: The Temple: 924 Presidio Avenue, San Francisco, Presidio Avenue 924, San Francisco, California, United States
Category: Open to Queer Men
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Come into your Power & Compassion, Release your fears
In this workshop you will:
Release energetic stories that no longer serve you.
Learn 3 energetic tools for rewiring the old stories held in the body.
Clear Blocks to open to your heart's desires.

This is the foundational work of Flesh & Spirit Community that runs through the Lover, the Sacred Prostitute, the Elder, the Mystic and the Prophet that we explore as the ecstatic path.

These themes are the essence of getting free and staying free:
the ability to be one’s own authority.
the ability to live more fully in one’s “yes” or one’s “no” with power and compassion.
the ability to deal with conflict heartfully.
the ability to set and expand boundaries.
the ability to ask for help with both power and compassion.

These themes are necessary to create the abundance you desire from the inside out. Your inner core reflects these juicy aspects so you can find beauty in all things or have compassion on what may still be crying out to be healed.

The peaceful warrior is an archetypal image of power and compassion. Men such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Henry David Thoreau and Harvey Milk, are images that embody the characteristics of a peaceful warrior. Gay/bisexual men in our community that might currently be seen as peaceful warriors are Greg Louganis, former Olympic diver; Rev. Elder Jim Mitulski, New Spirit pastor Berkeley; David Nimmons, Manifest Love; School; Javier Galito-Cava, conscious playwriter/actor; Christian de la Huerta, Executive Director of Q-Spirit; Mark Leno, Ca.Senator, Gene Robinson Episcopal Bishop and you.

Some Native Americans have a saying, "Walk Your Talk". Its meaning is to bring our words/intentions, energies, body and actions in congruence with one another. The experiential body oriented exercises in this workshop will lend themselves to being a peaceful warrior who "Walks His Talk". This means aligning all parts of yourself to create your world for the greatest good.

READY to take responsibility for your life.
In service.
In recovery programs (especially sponsors).
In relationships that need change.
In good health yet still challenged by HIV.
In political policy making for change.
On a spiritual quest that hungers for more.
Not feeling fully free.
Reassessing feeling safe in the world.
Wanting to experience a greater sense of clear purpose..
If you said yes to any of the above then this Peaceful Warrior: workshop may be for you.

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