The Sacred Prostitute

Sunday Oct. 2nd, 2011: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: The Temple: 924 Presidio Avenue, San Francisco, Presidio Avenue 924, San Francisco, California, United States
Category: Open to Queer Men
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The Sacred Prostitute is the archetypal image of erotic spiritual unity.

The ancient pre-christian traditions of women/men calling upon Goddess/God to bless, heal, and touch the people with their herbs, ointments,, rituals and lovemaking was the way of the sacred prostitute.
The names of sacred prostitutes have been many from the ancient past to contemporary times. Sacred prostitutes, sexual healers, witches sacred whores, holy ones and sacred intimates are just few names for those who have offered their gifts of spirit through their bodies, touch and sexuality.

Like the archetype of the peaceful warrior, the sacred prostitute is a change agent through ways of touching. The themes of the peaceful warrior allow us to create sacred temple space for healing, pleasure and ecstasy to be shared.

As queer men we have been wounded by families, religions and institutions that told us sex and spirit are separate. The gifts of healing we have for ourselves and each other lie in our ability to use our many ways of touching with intentionality. In community as Flesh & Spirit we take back the unity of the erotic and spiritual each time we create temple space as the sacred prostitutes.

In this workshop we will explore ways of touching with intention for healing.We'll play with erotic spiritual unity and the residual threads of shame that hinder us from full celebration.The Sacred Prostitute: will foster: More connection to yourself while offering pleasure and healing.Integrate more of the erotic and spiritual.Enhance touch that changes things, by using breath, sound, energy work, intention and an abbreviated form of an ecstatic (Taoist/Tantric erotic) massage.

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