Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Saturday Nov. 3rd, 2012: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Category: Open to Queer Men
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limited to eight people

Change Your Story, Change Your Life:
The journey of the Peaceful Warrior

Want things to be different? There is a way! There is a new experience!
Your body holds the clues to set you free...
Where do you hold stress, pain, a dis-ease or a vulnerability to dis-ease in your body?
Are you feeling stuck in a cycle that limits you you from having? :
A vibrant healthy, pleasurable, strong body
The wealth, prosperity and resources that you need to be cared for and in share your service in the way you feel "called"
The relationships, intimacy or community that supports you in shining brightly: and relationships that support you to live your recovery and wholeness with stabilty
The ability to create solutions to challenges that come your way with greater ease.
Or do you just, hunger for "more"
This workshop will use intensive Body Story* work to create a pathway through your mindset, energy and patterns that keep you playing small or feeling stuck. In this small group of 8 men we will be intimately focused on what is going on in your life in both the areas of challenge and vision. This work is powerfully transformative and only for those who are truly committed to their healing, wholeness, change and living with more power and compassion should consider.

* experiential interactive body oriented work to clear stories held in you body allowing you to have a new experience. the exercises will be individualized for each man in the group to focus on "what's up" for his healing.
BE more powerful and compassionate, Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

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