Freedom: Body Story Work™ and Donald J. Trump

Saturday Oct. 19th, 2019: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: The Temple: 924 Presidio Avenue, San Francisco
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Freedom: Body Story Work™ and Donald J. Trump $297.00

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2-day experience
October 19th & 20th


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How Free do you feel in the world that you inhabit?

Watch the video as you say Donald J. Trump's name.

What do you feel in you your body?

This workshop will guide you into more freedom, healing, joy, and a sense of your purpose being activated


In the past 3 years the words, actions, policies and ways of being of the person occupying the office of president and the surrounding administration has surfaced deep wounds and issues in us as individuals as well as a country.

kirkndonny freedomAs healers, empaths, change agents and activists, our work in "being the change we desire in the world" requires doing our own personal inner work. If there are gifts of this administration it is exposing the wounds within us. Personal wounds and body stories are rising to the surface for healing. This two day experience is creating the opportunity to to process what is being triggered

Body Story Work™ acknowledges that all our experiences are held energetically in your body. Thus, by listening to the stories emerging through our bodies (emotions, sensations,pain,stress dis-ease, dreams and feelings like heartbreak, numbness, rage, hurt, grief, distraction) can guide into greater freedom.





Attend this workshiop and recieve a free copy of "When Things Fall Apart"  by Pema Chodron





Who is this for?

  • Especially for empaths healers,conscious activists and those in helping roles
  • Those on a healing and recovery path
  • Body Story Life Coaches™
  • Massage Therapists/Bodyworkers
  • Energy Medicine Practitioners
  • Teachers
  • Psychotherapists
  • Spiritual Directors
  • Somatic Counselors of all genders and orientations who wish to integrate a comprehensive somatic methodology into their practice.



Learn and experience how to better:

  • Heal wounds or body stories that are beneath the surface being revealed through "triggers".symptoms of pain,stress,vulnerability to dis-ease, restlessness and diminished joy.
  • Be more radically self loving by lessen energetic "burdens"
  • Open more fully to the gifts waiting to be revealed though diminished power,hope,connection and sense of safety.
  • "In such a time as this" explore what being more whole mean in your live in both small and expanded ways of showing up in your world.


This workshop can be taken independently for your own personal and professional growth. It is also part of the requirements for becoming a Body Story Life Coach™.

kirk donny life coachDonny Lobree is a Certified Massage Therapist, Body Story Life Coach™, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, violinist/violist and co-founder of the Missing Thread Mystery School for Entrepreneurs.

Kirk Prine is a Body Story Life Coach™, integrative bodyworker, Reiki Master, Ritual Master, former psychotherapist, primary facilitator of Flesh & Spirit Community and co-founder of The Missing Thread Mystery School for Entrepreneurs.





Two nearby options for lodging within walking distance:

The Monte Cristo and  The Laurel Inn




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