The Pink Velvet Ear Greeters

Sunday Apr. 22nd, 2018: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Location: Castro & 18th
Category: Open to All
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Bunny Greeters - Please let us know you're coming Free N/A



Sunday April  22nd: Noon

Bunny Greeters meet us at 18th & Castro.  Join us as we greet people in the Castro Street.



A new ministry has been created to operate under the work of Flesh & Spirit Community and the Missing Thread Mystery School.

This minstry is committed to changing the environment / or atmosphere of a place. The simple operation this new ministry is to welcome people.

bunnieswithheart2The Pink Velvet Ear Greeters was birthed by Donny and Kirk. Donny announcing his often inspired words "I have a wild idea." The archetype reminded me of the Greeter which has moved him for years, was emboddied in a Laguna Beach California homeless man who became known as "the greeter." Everyday the homeless man would sit on the corner and wave to people saying "Hi, Hello".

Donny posed the idea that we welcome the Laguna Beach greeter by putting on bunny outfits and waving to people. Christmas day 2005 we launched the first experience of being the Pink Velvet Ear Greeters in the Castro. The response was overwhelming and magical.

This evolving ministry may take many expressions. It may be incorporated into one part of upcoming workshops and as a separate unit to be activated in spaces that we may wish to offer a different vibration.

Fun is a spiritual principle of creation. We look forward to expanding this ministry to lighten up, spread joy and create an atmosphere of belonging.

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