2 Day Ecstatic Massage Training, focused on - The Lover's Journey

Saturday Sep. 15th, 2018: 12:00 AM – Sunday Sep. 16th, 2018: 11:59 PM
Location: The Temple: 924 Presidio Avenue, San Francisco, Presidio Avenue 924, San Francisco, California, United States
Category: Open to Queer Men
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Matters of the Heart: 2018: I am bringing my own sheet & towel $197.00 N/A
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 Saturday and Sunday September 15th & 16th

10AM - 5PM Saturday

10AM -5PM Sunday

Create a Clear Heart and Be More Fully Available to Intimacy



mattersmenDay One: Opening Up:

Clearing space and opening channels for more intimacies.

By using personal space exercises, gestalt exercises, completion work exercises and gentle guided ways of touching we will discover what is to be let go of and what is to be deepened to achieve more powerful intimacy.




Day Two: Opening to More Intimacy through Ecstatic Massage:

bigdrawclearIn our journey for day two we will use all the tools, techniques and spiritual principles from our Ecstatic Massage Training Day to experience more connection to ourselves and recieve more pleasure.
Breathwork, erotic massage, toning and intention will allow you to invite an expanded level of intimacy through your body.
This will be an erotic journey of pleasure to open your heart fully to all the connections that support you.




There are some basic components that create the opportunity for healthy vibrant relationships.


When we live in those basics, intimacy is a natural by product.

The stories of our open and broken hearts we carry into the present with our intimates.

Starting with our families and moving to our erotic partners we have woven those stories in our minds and bodies.

In this workshop we will listen to our bodies to play with those stories as we become more available to intimacy.

rumi quote loverThe lover is an archetypal image of intimacy. As queer men we have had the gift of writing our own script in relationships of love, sex and intimacy which has both blessed us and sometimes left us unresolved.

Coming back to being the lover can take us into greater freedom. In this workshop we will use ritual, experiential exercises, gestalt dialogue, clearing exercises and sensual/erotic play to bring more completion to relationships of the past and the present.

All relationships will be honored whether they were brief or long term, whether they were highly erotic or more companion-like, whether they were with men or women, whether they seemed healthy or destructive and whether they were far in the past or yet in the present.





Some Native Americans have a concept of connection called "Mitakuye Oyasin." It is about honoring all of creation; sun, moon, stars, earth, ancestors and all that is. It is in that spirit we will do our work on being the lover, honoring all our relations.? Bring to this workshop pictures, memorabilia etc. of family and intimates of any kind that you may wish to bless and work with in our time together.

1. How do you experience grief in your body?
2. As you think of all your sexual partners (you have ever had); what do you feel in your body?
3. What needs to be completed (or repeated) in your love relationships of the past?
4. How do you experience these emotions in your body: love, passion, partnership and longing.
5. How are you a lover to yourself?
6. How do you experience intimacy in your body?
7. What responses do you have to intimacy?




This workshop:
Matters of the Heart: More Intimacy - The Lover's Journey, will foster more intimacy and connection while dropping grief that no longer serves you.


Are you willing to explore your internal responses to multiple intimacies of the past as well as the present?

Are you willing to explore your internal responses to loss, shame, passion and love?




When you sign up, you get a free copy of Love Poems of Rumi 






Body Story Tracks

This course qualifies as "Track 4" credit towards becoming a Body Story Life Coach.



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