A community of queer men on an ecstatic path of transformation...Liberating ourselves to be more whole and thus in greater service to the world.

Winter Events-Bring Earth and Add Prayers/Intentions

Winter Events-Bring Earth Add Prayers/Intentions

Flesh & spirit Community and The Missing Thread Mystery School invite you to participate with us.

If you are coming to either the (Open) Reiki and Body Story Clinic and to the (men's) Winter Solstice ritual bring some Earth to add to our sacred earth ritual bowl. Also for those around the world Add your prayer/intention for peace which will will put on our effigy of peace . The effigy will be burned releasing prayers of hundreds of people around the world for peace,







what is your prayer for peace




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We are...

community image300 an intentional community of queer men who bring enlightenment, love, liberation, healing, knowledge, power, and wholeness around issues of queer men's identity, spirituality, and sexuality.

The founding Queer men's community of Flesh & Spirit is based in San Francisco California. In addition, an independent Women's Flesh & Spirit Community has begun in San Francisco. Each community is committed to changing queer lives by "touching skin, opening hearts and raising spirit."

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